Something bout me

Name:: Sandra
Nicknames:: Silence
Hair Color:: Blonde
Eye Color:: Blue/Green

Color:: Black, Red & Blue
Movie(s):: Sleepy Hollow <3
Song(s):: Too many
Band(s):: MCR, The Used & Lostprophets
Day of the year:: 05 August ;]
Food:: Too many
Sport:: Extreme internet surfing LOL
Actor:: Johnny Depp
Actress:: Avril Lavigne
Season:: Summer

Do you prefer...
coke/pepsi:: Coke
chocolate/vanilla:: Chocolate
dogs/cats:: Cats
black/white:: Black
sing/dance:: Sing
rock/rap:: ROCK

Other stuff...
Have you ever been out of the country?: Yes
Do you believe in god?: No
Do you believe in yourself?: Yes
Do you want to get married?: Yes
Have you ever wanted to die?: Yes


♪ Clear
♪ Links
♪ Kontakt
♪ Gästebuch


♪ Poetry
♪ My Black Parade ♪ Life = Music
♪ The Famous Living Dead

Something to smile

♪ Fun
♪ (Stupid) Sayings




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